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S.S.GRIN (Social Skills Group Intervention)

S.S.GRIN is an evidence-based, targeted RtI Tier 2 small-group intervention that addresses bullying, victimization, and social-emotional competence. The program covers communication, cooperation, impulse control, perspective taking, conflict management, empathy, and more.

Versions for children in pre-K children through early high school, as well as a version for children in grades 3-5 with high-functioning autism.

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Adventures in Emotional Literacy

Adventures in Emotional Literacy is a research-based multimedia curriculum that teaches children about recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing, and regulating emotions. This engaging program links emotional literacy skills with standard academic goals and incorporates discussion, art, music, movement, and storytelling.

Versions for children in grades K-5.

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LifeStories for Kids

LifeStories for Kids is an award-winning, evidence-based multimedia classroom-based character education program that combines evidence-based practices for developing prosocial skills with the ancient art of storytelling. The curriculum is brought to life by nationally acclaimed storytellers Willy Claflin, Donna Washington, and Olga Loya. Individual storybook/DVD sets are also available.

Versions for children in grades K-5.

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Celebrating the Strengths of Black Youth (CSBY)

CSBY, an evidence-based small group program, helps African American youth explore their rich heritage, build self-esteem and respect for others, value academic achievement, and develop critical life skills. CSBY can be delivered in after-school programs, community agencies, churches, mentoring programs, and clinics.

For children in late elementary school through middle school.

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Zoo U

Zoo U is an interactive, evidence-based online game designed to assess and enhance elementary students' social skills as well as track their progress toward specific goals. Students navigate social situations in an engaging virtual school for zookeepers in training. Zoo U focuses on six core social skills: impulse control, empathy, initiation, communication, cooperation, and emotion regulation.

For children in grades 3 and 4.

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"A Day at the Zoo" eBooks

Created to complement Zoo U, "A Day at the Zoo" is a series of six illustrated stories about two children who learn about social skills through their interactions with zoo animals. Each story explores one of the social skills addressed in Zoo U. Each story includes a student and teacher version with discussion questions, story extensions, and storyteller techniques.

For children in grades 3 and 4.

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Online courses for teachers and counselors

3C Marketplace offers several interactive, video-based online courses for parents, including:

  • Dealing with Bullying and Social Isolates (for elementary and middle school educators)
  • Cyberbullying: What Educators Need to Know (for elementary through high school educators)

These online courses are available in individual or schoolwide subscriptions.

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Online courses for parents

3C Marketplace offers several interactive, video-based online courses for parents, including:

  • Cyberbullying: What Parents Need to Know (for parents of children aged 8-18)
  • Improving Social Skills in Children with HFA (for parents of children aged 8-13)

These online courses provide parents with valuable knowledge and strategies for helping their children improve their social skills and overcome common social challenges.

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Adapted from the evidence-based Parent Guide to S.S.GRIN, ParentWays is a video-based, self-guided online course for parents who want to help their children learn and practice positive social skills. Throughout 10 online “sessions,” parents view presentations of key concepts, role plays, activities, and lively discussion among the online participants.

For parents of children in grades 3-5.

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