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Early in her career as a psychologist, back in the 1990s, Dr. Melissa DeRosier had a revelation: most of the evidence-based social-emotional interventions developed in a research setting were either not making it into the hands of providers or not engaging enough to stay there.

Melissa made it her mission to change that.

Some companies start out in a garage ... 3C began in an attic

It started with S.S.GRIN, a targeted social skills intervention she developed in her attic and tested in elementary schools in the Triangle area of North Carolina. In creating S.S.GRIN, Melissa integrated research as well as input from providers to create an evidence-based program that was not only effective for improving children's social skills, but also attractively presented and easy to implement within school and community settings.

What_are_3_CsThis approach still guides her work—and the work of 3C Institute—today, more than 12 years after its inception.

Evidence-based programs for the real world

Melissa founded 3C Institute, formerly 3-C Institute for Social Development, to bridge the research-to-practice gap by developing and testing effective, research-supported programs and services that promote social-emotional health and are designed for easy implementation in real-life settings.

And although our work has evolved in many ways since 2001, this mission remains at the core of what we do.

Getting programs into the hands of providers

It wasn't long before Melissa recognized the need for an online store to market and sell the interventions and curricula 3C Institute was developing. That's when she created SELmedia.

As our inventory and breadth of evidence-based programs expanded over the years, though, we outgrew the SELmedia website. In October 2013, we launched 3C Marketplace.

Why 3C Marketplace?

We're passionate about making sure teachers, counselors, mental health providers, parents, and others who work with children have the tools and resources to help kids develop the social skills and positive traits they need to succeed in school and in life.

But what really sets us apart is our commitment to quality, usability, implementation support, and value, as well as our use of innovative technology to help you make the most of the programs you offer to children.

Check out our Products-at-a-Glance to see for yourself why 3C Marketplace should be your go-to source for social emotional learning.

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